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What Chinese lighting manufacturer produces the best LED panel lights

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:10/19/2018

China has a huge LED lighting market and to be honest, it’s very hard to select the exceptional among the heaps of LED manufacturers. But if we take a look at the producers on the parameters of electricity efficiency, product warranty and LED innovation. TCL Corporation is the identity to trust.


Recently, the LED agency brought Emergency LED Panel Lights to its product catalogue. Like its other LED products, this Emergency LED panel light is also progressive and efficient. Engineers of TCL Corporation have put a lot of efforts in the product.

TCL Corporation was once founded in 1981, stands for “The Creative Life", a slogan that represents TCL’s aspirations of building one of China's most revolutionary and imaginative enterprises.


Its predecessor -- TTK Home Appliances (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., was once one of 13 preliminary joint ventures in China, engaged in manufacturing of recording tapes. Subsequently, its business used to be accelerated in the following fields such as telephone, TV, cellular phone, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, small appliances and LED panel. TCL Corporation currently has 75,000 employees, 23 research institutes and 21 manufacturing bases. It has set up income places of work in over eighty nations and regions, with its enterprise overlaying more than one hundred sixty nations and areas in the world.


TCL Very Lighting, TCL Group’s foray into the prominent lighting fixtures industry, was once situated in 2000 and specializes in lights product. The corporation currently consists of LED lights encompassing engineering, residential LED lighting, roadway, landscape, and other unique lighting fixtures categories, to supply clients with a full range of products, offerings and integrate solution. For more than ten years, basing an superior technological know-how and emphasizing on the energy saving. Our products include: LED downlight, LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED spot light, LED bulbs.


Besides, TCL Corporation is a pioneer in the internationalization of Chinese enterprise. Since its initial exploration in 1999, it has undergone three stages including early exploration, transnational merger and acquisition, and steady growth. Facing with the opportunities brought about by China's “One Belt and One Road” initiatives, TCL Corporation has re-developed its roadmap for once again advancing toward internationalization. In the next few years, leaded by TCL Corporation, TCL Very lighting will by "joint forces and leading brand", continue to consolidate and improve its market share in America, South Asian. Meanwhile, it will make breakthroughs in the key emerging markets including Mid-east and Europe, take root in the local market, and establish the competitiveness on the whole value chain. Internationalization is the new engine for the future development of TCL Corporation. With its technology innovation TCL Very Lighting will always keep pace with the global trends in lighting development.

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