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Team building from VMK

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:05/03/2018

Recently, VMK team from Vietnam take a great outdoor activity for team building.

Teambuilding (1).jpg   Teambuilding (5).jpg

As you must know, team work and the establishment of a well-trained sales team can bring a lot of benefits to the team: improve personal ability, improve the overall quality, improve the quality of service, and stabilize the sales performance. A team without cohesive force is like a tree without a root. An untrained and unbuilt team is like a straggler. It is hard to maintain long-term prosperity.

Teambuilding (6)

VMK is our agent in Vietnam, and cooperated with TCL LED lighting since 2014, it is a very professional lighting company that has more than 10 years lighting business experience. They have same spirit as TCL, VMK has a young and creative team that with passion and rapid reaction ability. This team from Vietnam are pay high attention on team built, they trust a closely cooperative team is more important than a brave individual, and each year, VMK will take 2-4 times of team building activities for encouragement, reward, employee relationship improvement. As you can see in the pictures, they like one rope, one circle, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, they worked hard and made progress together.

Teambuilding (14).jpg

And step by step, team from VMK and TCL Very lighting will building up a growth platform: the generation and growth of team elites have a direct relationship with their platform, a good platform that can create a good environment for growth, and provide more opportunities for exercise and talent.

Teambuilding (15)

As CEO of VMK, Ms. Dao said, we are one team, absolutely we are not only colleagues but also brothers, sisters. We will keep fighting and help each other in coming prosperous years.

Teambuilding (10).jpg

Also, TCL and VMK will set up a learning organization for team building: let everyone know the importance of learning and team instruction, try to create learning opportunities for them, provide learning sites, and praise the people who learn fast, and create a learning atmosphere through one to one communication, discussion, training, and work together, so that team members will become elite in learning and copying.

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