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TCL dare to be the world’s first of led lighting

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:11/02/2018

TCL Very Lighting focused on development, production and sales of the lighting industry, supplied comprehensive range products of traditional energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products, including a light source, home lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting, LED panel light, LED downlight, LED ceiling light, and other professional lighting products.

TCL Very Lighting, with its led lighting manufacturers experiences, innovative concept, and marketing research, has changed the " customer-supplier relationship" to "strategic partnership", and introduces the idea of "Experience and buy".

TCL Very Lighting has become the leading led lighting manufacturers in China even the lighting industry leading enterprises in the field of LED lighting. At present, TCL lighting has a sound marketing service system and after-sales service network throughout the country, the headquarters is located in Guangdong Huizhou, established nearly 30 offices in the country, large and medium cities nationwide service network coverage rate of 100%, marketing services network of up to more than 4000, expected to increase to 6000 in next two years, which can provide products and the best quality service integration solution for the ultimate experience for municipal, transportation, office, hotel, real estate, business, industry, finance, education, healthcare, home and other areas of our customers.


TCL Very Lighting is a full-service lighting and electrical maintenance contractor offering design, installation, maintenance, and retrofits throughout the state of Illinois. We maintain our own professional fleet of vehicles and bucket trucks which are fully equipped and ready to dispatch. TCL Very Lighting has accomplished a remarkable amount of growth over the last few years. Our name represents the highest level of customer service, quality service, and commitment to excellence. President of TCL Electrical and Lighting, Tom Locascio credited the growth to his staff’s relentless work ethic to provide the quality of customer service to be able to fulfill and exceed our customer’s desires and expectations. An impeccable work and safety record working with the nation's leading commercial, corporate, industrial, and retail businesses drives continued success.

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