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TCL Very Lighting New Smart Products

  • source:TCL Lighting
  • Time:04/27/2018

In current lighting industry, smart lighting is becoming a hot trend. Most of lighting companies are putting lots of efforts to this potential market to achieve market influence.

TCL LED Downlight Manufacturer promoted one complete new product line for Europe market in 2018 Light + Building Frankfurt Fair. Among them , there are smart down light, smart ceiling light and smart blue tooth linear light.

For smart down light or smart ceiling light, user can change CCT and brightness stepless by App or voice. These functions can be achieved by connecting Philips Hue and Amazon Echo. For smart blue tooth linear light, there are two ways to satisfy customers’ different needs. One is it can adjust CCT & brightness, and play music by connecting the blue tooth address to user’s phone. Another way is it can use Zigbee to achieve the CCT and brightness change, and also the music playing.

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