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TCL Very Lighting Canton Fair in April

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:04/20/2018

It is true that what you will harvest tomorrow depends on what you cultivate today, TCL LED lighting is doing this great job day after day, just to attain the remarkable harvest than ever. After the Frankfurt light fair in March, Hong Kong light fair in April, there is another well-known fair beheld in Guangzhou, the Canton fair.

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Focusing on the new trend on global market, comprehensively improving internationalization, specialization, marketization and information technology and enhancing the brand value, TCL attend and be the one of important exhibitor in Canton fair and it has attracted the attention of a large number of domestic and oversea customers, and that is right, as the inseparable part of TCL group, we, TCL Very Lighting join with group in 123rd Canton fair this April.


TCL holds the idea of technical and product innovation, with the global ability of technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, it has grown into the leader of global technological innovation and the giant of China's intelligent manufacturing industry. This time TCL launches a new lineup with the brand new products, and it gained highly appraised by the media and purchasers at Canton Fair. Well, at this canton fair with the theme of intelligent and innovation, TCL Very Lighting also catching the theme and doing it well.


This time TCL Very Lighting presents all people the smart control lighting products.


Have you ever image that you can awake your light fixture of your house by call Alexa only instead of switch on and off the button? Yes, TCL Very Lighting can help you achieved it. Now based on the technology of Zigbee lighting control system and Philip Hue application, house lighting can be connected and controlled by Amazon’s Alexa, make it your own lighting butler. For all of these years people always said smart control and intelligent life are way far away from real life, but I have to say TCL Very Lighting is now bring you into the intelligent life through a LED bulb, a round ceiling light, also give you the healthy and comfortable "light" environment.


TCL Very Lighting will non-stop keep make the technological innovation, product innovation and dedicated to providing professional lighting products and lighting system application solutions. The idea of One belt, One road allows as big as a country, as small as an enterprise involved to create and share in the future, TCL Very Lighting will seize the opportunities well to cultivate and harvest eventually.


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