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Smarter app, Smarter home lighting

  • source:TCL LED Lighting
  • Time:06/04/2018

You may heard of the Amazon Alexa, you may heard of smart control and you may had known that TCL LED lighting is giving the intelligent lamp products that can be controlled by Philips Hue. (Link:


Now Philips Lighting is going to roll out a major update to its Philips Hue app for iOS and Android-based devices this month. Consumers will enjoy new features as well as enhancements of existing app capabilities, so they can easily and quickly personalize and control the Philips Hue lighting system for the home.


Simple navigation to light your home smarter
The app delivers a new look-and-feel and convenient shortcuts, so you can adjust your Philips Hue smart lighting in a few simple taps. 


Set your desired ambiance effortlessly
Use the new color pickers feature to transform your lighting into an extraordinary experience. This allows you to group and ungroup lights in a room, and easily choose an exact shade of white or colored light from the palette. The app also comes with 30 new scenes, handpicked from our lighting designers. 

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