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Smart Lighting of TCL

  • source:LED Lighting
  • Time:05/21/2018

As a leading LED lighting company in China, TCLVery Lighting always dedicates to innovation and new technology. Smart lighting is the most popular idea in lighting industry in recent years, so TCL Very Lighting also attached great importance on it and paid adequate resource and energy in this field.


Last August, the first shop light with Bluetooth speaker was delivered to our business partner in North America, and got very positive feedback from the market. It is not a real smart control lighting product, but it is great attempt in the field. And after that, one flood light with CCT changeable and Bluetooth module was developed in the end of 2017, it can be controlled by App, and also by voice through those popular smart devices such as Amazon Echo/Dot, and Google Home, etc.

BT Shoplight_S
Shop Light with Bluetooth Speaker for North America Market


Flood Light with Bluetooth Module


Above mentioned products are specially developed for our OEM partner, meanwhile, we are also developing smart lighting fixtures as our own product range for domestic market, and also Europe market. Complete range of smart control ceiling lamp and downlight were developed and shown in the Frankfurt light & building exhibition in March, received great attention and customers’ visit. Same function as above mentioned smart flood light, CCT changeable, dimming and ON/OFF, all those functions can be controlled by APP and voice. The difference is that our own system is based on ZigBee (3.0) technology instead of Bluetooth, and it can be compatible with Philips HUE gateway which is the most popular smart gateway in Europe market, so our smart lighting fixtures can be controlled by Philips HUE App, that means the end user who already had Philips HUE gateway we be very convenient to use our products, just like a plug & play, easy to setup and control through the existed App. Here is the system diagram for this smart control fixture below:

TCL Lighting Smart Control_Zigbee

System Diagram for ZigBee Control

As mentioned before, the first “smart” product is that shop light with Bluetooth speaker, it is sold very well in North America market, so we decided to develop a European version. And finally, the product was done and shown in Frankfurt too, and also the Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition (Spring Edition) and 123rd Canton Fair, it’s always the star in the exhibition and got huge interests from worldwide customers. Besides the Bluetooth speaker, other smart features are also applied to this products, such as CCT Changeable, 0~100% Dimming, ON/OFF, of course, controlled by App and voice.



Europe Smart Linear Lighting with Bluetooth Speaker and ZigBee Lighting Control System


With the deep understanding of smart home and smart control, TCL Very Lighting will put more resource and energy in Smart Lighting fields, more and more smart lighting products will be developed and come into market very soon. 

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