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LED Lamps vs Integrated Lighting Fixtures

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:11/15/2018

Both LED lamps and integrated lighting fixtures have their personal inherent benefits and disadvantages.

An integrated lighting fixtures fixture is a whole out of doors mild fixture assembly, which consists of a built-in LED or halogen lamp. Though integrated lighting fixtures simplify lighting gadget installation, they also pose difficulties in phrases of protection and lights upgrades.


The major benefit of selecting led lamp-based products is flexibility.

Throughout North America, there are thousands of hundreds of current landscape lights fixture installations that have the potential to be upgraded to a lot extra efficient technological know-how via simply switching out the present lamp.

This option is plenty less high-priced than disposing of and replacing integrated LED fixtures when beam spreads, color temperatures or even parts need to be changed.

When you reflect on consideration on led lamp-based products, the sheer quantity of preference is staggering.

Currently, there are extra non-integrated lights fixture producers than integrated lighting fixtures manufacturers. Non-integrated lights fixtures provide a wider variety of fixture colors, textures, shapes and sizes, which can be established in new designs with LED light bulbs in a range of configurations, from MR16 to SCB and G4 Bevin to S8 Wedge bases.

The flexibility of layout is some other large LED lamp advantage. LED-based MR16 lamps are accessible in a range of coloration temperature and beam spreads to accommodate the discerning landscape designers eye. Few, if any, built-in LED fixtures to offer the equal flexibility of design, and might also require a whole fixture alternate to reap the identical results.

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